Do I need 16 people to rent The Pint Cycle?

Absolutely not! If you would like to sign up for a tour as an individual or small group, we will pair you with others in order to get at least 10 people on the bike. Although availability for individuals or small tours can not be guaranteed, we will do all that we can to get you on a tour as soon as possible.

What is the maximum number of people I can bring on a tour?

The maximum number of tour participants is 16 with a minimum of 8-10.

How long do the tours last?

All standard and specialized tours are two hours.

Can I drink alcohol on The Pint Cycle?

Yes. You are able to bring and drink your own beer and wine on The Pint Cycle. No hard liquor is allowed on The Pint Cycle. Beer and wine needs can be consumed in a plastic cup or it’s original container. Passengers are responsible for bringing their own coolers, supplies, and ice. The Pint Cycle does not supply or sell beverages of any kind.

Can I bring water or soft drinks on The Pint Cycle?


Can I eat on The Pint Cycle?

Yes! Feel free to bring your own snacks or purchase food from any of our tour stop partners. We will have menus available for advanced ordering from selected tour stop partners as well.

Do all riders need to be 21 years old or older?

Yes, for all of our tours except the Non-Booze Cruise Tour, which is for 16-20-year-olds and prohibits alcohol of any kind.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

No. You do not have to wear a helmet. However, if you decide that you would like to wear one, please feel free to bring one along or let us know in advance that you will require a helmet.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy – Cancellations made more than 5 days (120 hours) in advance will be offered a refund or raincheck. Cancelations made less than 5 days (120 hours) in advance, will only be offered a raincheck. All rides are required to be paid in full at the time of booking.

Important Note- If we are not able to book a MINIMUM OF 8-10 SEATS – the bike will not go out due to physical reasons. We will contact you if there are less than 8-10 seats booked for your time slot, and we will provide you a raincheck for another reservation.

Weather Policy- The Pint Cycle runs rain or shine, but reserves the right to cancel a tour in cases of severe weather. In these instances, The Pint Cycle will provide a raincheck.

How much does The Pint Cycle cost?

The Pint Cycle pricing varies by tour type and tour day. Group tours range from $315-$415 and can accommodate between 8-16 people. Signing up for a tour as an individual is $30 per person. Tours made up of individuals that do not meet the minimum of 8-10 total riders may not go out as scheduled.

What can I expect?

Expect to have a lot of fun. Our bike is equipped with a sound and light system that your group will have access to, so feel free to bring along your own music. For Standard Tours, you will have 2-3 opportunities to get off the bike, rest and enjoy the food and beverages of our tour stop partners. For Specialized Tours, your group will have greater control of how often you stop. You will want to wear pedal ready footwear as the bike doesn’t go if you can’t pedal!

Where do the tours start and end?

The Pint Cycle will start and end at the corner of 9002 Technology Lane and Visionary Way, Fishers, IN 46038.

Parking is available along the street of Technology Lane.  Please do not block fire hydrants, street intersections, sidewalk crosswalks, mailboxes, or in front of or across from driveways.

Please do not park in the 9002 Technology Lane parking lot or other business parking lots.  Thank you!

Where can I park?

Parking is available along the street of Technology Lane.  Please do not block fire hydrants, street intersections, sidewalk crosswalks, mailboxes, or in front of or across from driveways.

Please do not park in the 9002 Technology Lane parking lot or other business parking lots.  Thank you!

Does the bike make any stops?

Yes. On Standard Tours, The Pint Cycle will stop 2-3 times for approximately 20-25 minutes at each of the following locations: Four Day Ray Brewery, Louvino, and Another Broken Egg Cafe. You will have an opportunity to take an abbreviated brewery tour, try a variety of food and beverages at each location, as well as use the restrooms if needed. For Specialized Tours, tour stops will vary depending on the event selected. Some limitations may apply per event.

What do I need to bring with me?

Your completed and signed digital waiver form for each rider, a valid driver’s license or passport to verify that you are 21 years or older for each rider, any beverages you prefer, money for additional food and beverages if desired, money to tip the driver if desired, appropriate clothing/footwear depending on weather, and a willingness to have a great time!

Are we allowed to tip the drivers?

Yes! The drivers make their money through tips, so if they do a good job, feel free to show them some financial love!

Are the seats adjustable?

Yes. There are a number of seats that are adjustable on The Pint Cycle.

What are the height and weight requirements?

Ideally, passengers need to be a minimum of 5’3” and weigh less than 300 pounds. However, there are three bench seats on the back of the bike that do not require pedaling.

Is the bike handicap accessible?

The Pint Cycle has available one seat that includes a seat belt, on the bench seat that does not require pedaling.

How fast does the bike go?

The Pint Cycle will average approximately 5 mph.

How difficult is the pedaling?

The more people we have pedaling, the easier it is! We are fortunate to live in a very flat area, so pedaling shouldn’t be too difficult.

Who drives the bike?

An employee of The Pint Cycle is responsible for driving the bike. He is the bike captain and is required by our insurance company to be the only driver/captain allowed.

Does The Pint Cycle have a motor?

No. The bike’s movement is controlled entirely by the passengers and their pedaling!

What if it rains/snows/Indiana weather?

We run rain or shine! We try and run only during appropriate weather months, but you know how Indiana can be! In cases of severe weather, The Pint Cycle reserves the right to not run in order to protect the safety of the riders. In these instances, rainchecks will be provided.